Rural lifestyle

Rural Lifestyle

Embrace simplicity: the charm of the rural lifestyle.
Embrace simplicity: the charm of the rural lifestyle.

Lower House Prices

Generally, it costs less to own a home in a rural area. There’s a significant gap between the price of real estate in the cities and rural areas.

In Ontario and British Columbia, you can spend up to $900,000 for a home, whereas the prices of homes in Newfoundland and Labrador average $300,000. The low house prices are why many people are moving to rural places and starting over.

With such price differences, you will have more money to adapt the home to your preference, whether it means a complete renovation or a bit of remodelling.

More Land for Development

It’s a known fact that cities are crowded; therefore, getting a home with a huge compound is almost impossible. But in rural areas, you can build your home on many acres, meaning you have more space left as recreational space.

The vast land can benefit people who want to start small businesses in their compounds. For example, you can build a small rural guesthouse or restaurant.

You can also buy more land and develop it. In fact, it makes more sense to do that when you want to use the land for residential and commercial use, like setting up a guesthouse or commercial farm.

Plus, with a huge open land, you can design your house and guesthouses to your liking. You can even set up a profitable agribusiness on your compound.


In apartments, there is no privacy; you share a wall with your neighbours. People living in apartments share several amenities, including the elevator, with other tenants. But that’s not the case with rural areas.

Thanks to the vast pieces of land, you will never have to worry about sharing a wall with your neighbours. In fact, the closest family may be a few kilometres away.

Since you own the rest of the compound, you can either develop or leave it as it is, and no one will bother you.

Such privacy is also excellent for your mental well-being. You can take long walks at any time or just sit outside. Plus, rural places also have a lower crime rate.

A better place for animals

With so much land to enjoy, your pets will have more space to stretch their tiny legs. Plus, you can leave your dogs roaming around without worrying about them disturbing the neighbours.

You can also turn part of the land into a farm for rearing some livestock as a hobby or for cash.

Some properties have a river, while others sit on picturesque hills and valleys. Hence, there’s no limit to the things you can create out of the available space.

There might even be wildlife roaming near the property. Such places can be excellent spots for a guesthouse or homestay.

Less Pollution

If your main goal is enjoying quiet time, relocating to a rural area might be a great idea. After all, noise pollution is lower than in cities.

In rural areas, there are no cars outside your gate hooting incessantly or neighbours holding loud parties. Also, there’s little to no smoke from traffic. You even see the sky at night and enjoy sitting outside watching it in silence.

Less land pollution makes rural areas more productive. Thus, when you have many acres, you can turn them into farmland. It can also be enough for a restaurant or an entertainment spot for visitors to your area.

The air also has lower gas emissions from factories like in cities. Therefore, your health benefits from living there.

The wildfire season might be the only time the air becomes dense with smoke and pollutants, especially in the forests and grasslands. But that’s seasonal, so you have the rest of the year to enjoy the fresh air.