ITF 2023 Summit

ITF Summit 2023 enriches rural communities with transformative initiatives.
ITF Summit 2023 enriches rural communities with transformative initiatives.

2023 Summit Programme

The next ITF Summit Program is a 3-day event that’ll be held between 24 and 26 May 2023. Like the 2022 event, the 2023 Summit Program will take place in Leipzig, Germany, under the presidency of the UK government.

This time, participants will be discussing Transport Enabling Sustainable Economies. The forum will focus on the function of transport in promoting inclusion and enhancing social welfare.

They’ll also discuss ways to minimize certain externalities like road crashes, maritime pollution, and traffic congestion.

Become a Summit Partner—Sponsorship and Exhibition

The rural Summit has several partners ranging from casinos to travel companies. And being an international summit, sponsoring the event will benefit your brand in many ways.

For example, sponsoring this event will help you network with the major players in the transport sector.

Fortunately, the terms of the sponsorship are quite flexible. For instance, the sponsors control how much attention their brands attract. The event has different sponsorship packages that let sponsors choose their involvement level.

Currently, the Summit has four sponsorship packages: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Unfortunately, these packages have different perks. But in general, you can speak to the participants. Also, the ITF officials will post your brand on their official website.

The speaker of the ITF event may mention your brand during the opening and closing ceremonies.

Your brand can be one of the exhibitors showcasing its services and products. You can also use the opportunity to launch new products or host media events. Your brand can be among these ministries and civil society groups during the 2023 summit.

As an exhibitor, you’ll receive several three-day delegate passes to access the Summit, gala dinner, and presidency reception.

Host an Event at the 2023 Summit

The participating organizations can host several side events that complement the 2023 Summit’s theme. Since these events will run alongside the summit’s program, the ITF has set the following topics that complement the summit’s theme.

  • How climate changes and geopolitics can affect the supply chain
  • Knowledge and data sharing impact on overcoming transport poverty
  • Informal transport
  • How transport increases regional integration and connectivity
  • The connection between the public health and transport budgets

For more visibility, the stakeholders can host two types of events. They can settle for an official side event or a closed event.

The Side Event

The side event allows stakeholders to co-host events that showcase their work. They can also use the chance to start policy discussions and debates.

For that reason, these events appear on the official program, and all participants in the summit can attend. But you must apply for the side event spots through the ITF Secretariat and wait for their decision.

If your organization gets this spot, it’ll get an hour to host the side event. Plus, your team will select a topic and find speakers to join the discussion. Each event will cost about EUR 2500 (plus VAT).

Closed Event

On the other hand, the closed event isn’t open to all participants. A closed event is an invitation-only event. Also, you’ll host it before the summit and pay EUR 500 (plus VAT).

Unfortunately, the closed events don’t appear on the program, and you can only host them when a room is available. Thus, there’s no guarantee of how long the event can last.

Another event type, although different from the ones above, is a media event. This option lets your brand host a press conference. Your brand can use it to launch a report or other function.

Such an event can be closed or open. Fortunately, you won’t pay to host a media event.

Consultation with International Organizations

The summit will feature two consultative meetings on the first and second days. The ITF Annual Consultation on Gender and Transport will take place on the first day. And on the second day, ITF will host the Annual Consultation Day with International Organisations.