If oportunity doesn't knock, build a door

Driving Innovation in Rural Areas: The Way Forward

Thriving life in rural areas; nature's tranquility and simplicity.
Thriving life in rural areas; nature’s tranquility and simplicity.

Support and Build Local Partnerships

One of the best ways to make local businesses more innovative is by creating and supporting local partnerships. To improve local partnerships, you should do the following:

Offer Better Connectivity

Currently, most Canucks living in rural areas can access the internet through broadband infrastructure. Unfortunately, some residents can only access an old and slow internet connection.

Therefore, upgrading these broadband infrastructures can improve internet connectivity, enabling entrepreneurs to communicate.

Boost Knowledge Transfer and Learning

With well-equipped innovation centres, people can get more hands-on experience and training. Thus, leaders should find ways for their communities to partner with local universities and technical colleges.

Focus on the Individual

Most small businesses in rural areas are family owned; therefore, they’re operated by at least two people. These businesses can employ more people up to ten. Hence, innovation programs should target individual business operators.

Rural lifestyle

Homes are Affordable

Generally, the price of real estate in urban and rural areas changes with time. But, the cost of urban homes grows at a higher rate than that of rural ones. This makes the rural lifestyle affordable.

Land is Plenty

Rural homes have so much land around them for recreational activities with family and friends. Also, you can raise some farm animals.

Private Homes

With several acres of land surrounding your house and fewer residents per area, you’ll have more space. What’s more, rural homes don’t share amenities like in the cities.

Better Environment to Raise Animals

There’s enough land to raise pigs, chickens, and other animals. On top of that, you can even keep pets like dogs only, and they’ll have more space to explore than in urban apartments.

Lower Pollution

In rural areas, traffic is almost non-existent, so you won’t hear horns blaring in the morning or evening. Also, there’s less smoke or smog in the air. The rural town centres are so laid-back that you hardly hear any noise.

Sponsoring to Open New Places for Visit

Open Hotels

One of the ways to welcome more people to rural areas is by creating small accommodation businesses like guesthouses and homestays. These hotels can do more than provide accommodation. They can employ several people.

Open Shops That Sell Local Produce

Such shops will allow visitors to experience more of the place. Plus, the business owners will get a new source of income.

Open Entertainment Spots

Tourists always consider the entertainment spots in a rural area before visiting. Some want to experience the nightlife in a rural place.

Launch an Animal Zoo

Creating a zoo could bring several families and nature lovers to rural areas.

ITF 2023 Summit

2023 ITF Summit Program

The Summit will run from 24 to 26 May 2023, in Leipzig, Germany. Its theme is Transport Enabling Sustainable Economies. Thus, participants will discuss how transport influences or affects economic growth.

Become a Summit Partner—-Sponsorship and Exhibition

Sponsorship for the event comes from businesses in various sectors, including casinos. The Summit has different sponsorship packages for companies. If you prefer to exhibit rather than sponsor, you can do so. You can even use this opportunity to launch a new product.

Host an Event at the 2023 Summit

The Summit also let stakeholders hold several side events. So you can hold an official side event for an hour and be part of the Summit’s program. Alternatively, you can host an invitation-only closed event.

Consultation with International Organizations

The 2023 ITF Annual Consultation on Gender and Transport is scheduled for 23 January 2023. It will provide a unique platform for stakeholders to connect with the policymakers.