Canadian Rural Innovation Summit

NOVEMBER 19 - 20, 2018

RURAL INNOVATION CENTRE250 Sidney Street, Belleville, Ontario


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Canadian Rural 
Innovation Summit

QuinteVation is excited to announce the Canadian Rural Innovation Summit that we will host in the Bay of Quinte region the week of November 18th, 2018. Our goal for the Rural Summit is to create an opportunity to showcase the Bay of Quinte Region as an innovation destination and leader in rural entrepreneurial growth. During the multi-day event, we will have a forum for policy discussion from a municipal, provincial and federal government level, which will help drive policy change around rural economies. This will be an opportunity for local businesses of all sizes and sectors to discuss the impact of policy change in a rural environment, such as Bay of Quinte.

QuinteVation, along with their valued partners will be inviting Canadians from across the country to join us as attendees of the Summit. Economic Development Officers from across Ontario, Mayors, elected officials, key business stakeholders and entrepreneurs from outside the Bay of Quinte region will be vital to the success of the Summit.


If you would like more information about the summit, or would like to further discuss sponsorship opportunities, please feel free to contact either Executive Director Rob Clute or Chair Ryan Williams at the contact information below. We believe that the Canadian Rural Innovation Summit will help solidify QuinteVation’s vision to make the Bay of Quinte Region the most dynamic, innovative region in Canada by 2023.